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Tapjet is an advanced platform for creating a high quality apps. To ensure you get the most from our technology, we'll help you build and deploy your first project. From there on you can create more yourself or engage our support whenvever it's convienient.

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What app do you want to build?

We support a wide range of clients, creating apps for magazines, museums, conferences, radio, sales, internal comms and news. Tapjet gives you the platform to build the right app for your staff or customers.

Try some of our amazing our client's apps. All built and published live today with Tapjet. They're free on the App Store.

How does Tapjet work?

Tapjet is an app creation tool that uses the structure of folders and files in a Dropbox folder to create your app. These files can be created by yourself or through our web and mobile interfaces.

Because these files determine how the app is constructed, when you change the content the app updates live, so you can always see exactly what you're doing. When you're ready, simply hit publish and the app state is pushed to our servers on Amazon Web Services so it can be delivered at global scale.

Our new editor works on the web or in split screen for iPhone and iPad so you can always see exactly what you're doing.

Professional quality. Looks amazing from the start.

Get a smooth, polished, compelling experience as soon as you start creating your app. Take advantage of our award-winning platform for an immediate step ahead of the competition.

New technology in your hands. All the time.

The world of mobile apps is always changing. We constantly update our platform so that you get all the latest features and the best mobile experience possible.

To see everything that Tapjet can do for you, check out at our features or get in touch.

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Who we are

Quality app development is an expensive and time consuming process. Businesses must either support internal development teams or go to expensive agencies to establish themselves in the app market. Additionaly, the smartphone technology roadmap moves so fast that by the time you've shipped your app, there are new features required to stay competitive.

Tapjet is a company dedicated to changing this. By creating a platform as a service (PaaS) we are bringing cutting edge app development to businesses and proffesionals at an affordable price.

Award winning technology

We have been developing this platform since 2011 originally under the name of Glide. We released three different products three years running, winning awards for each and proving a platform could beat the most advanced bespoke development.

Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe (2012), The Loop Magazine (2013), Brian Cox's Wonders of Life (2014)

Glide Kickstarter

In May 2015 we tested the market for our platform by running a 30 day Kickstarter campaign. We raised over a $100,000 and delivered our first beta to backers in September 2015. You can see each of our fantastic supporters here on our Founders wall.

Supporter's Wall 2015 Kickstarter

Going forward

Tapjet is a service so every customer who signs up will help us add new features and enhancements. We have ambitious plans for Messaging, Apple TV, Watch OS, Android support and End to End Encryption for sensitive data. We want to thank everyone who has helped us get this far and we hope you'll continue support us.